Hi Folks, we're going to talk some baseball for the next few month but first let me get you up to snuff about myself.

   I signed with the Royals out of high school in 1971, Gideon MO a farming community, soybeans, cotton, and water moccasins.  I spent six years with the Royals and was then traded to the Cardinals where I ended my playing days in 1982.  From 1988 to 2006 I coached at the minor league level and coached abroad as well, Dominican, Puerto Rico, and Australia.  I am the inventor of the 'Nutty

Buddy' (a protective cup ... that was much needed).  I am 56 yrs. young and have a Connie Mack team in Phoenix and work on throwing and pitching skills with kids from ages 9 to 99. 

I hope that I can give you some insight to the royals this season ... lets follow the rest of their season together.

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